Almost There… :)


Song on My Mind: No More Tears - Teedra Moses

Date: 29/11/07

I guess I must be caught between my heart and mind, Wanting it to be good knowing its not, Crying all time, praying that a change is gonna come.

Happy, sipping, puffing, passing, Relaxing with my family; No more tears for you...Dancing, laughing, writing, singing, Rocking to hot tracks like this; No tears for you...

:) ....this isn't about me. Too many of my girls are hurting right now because of guys and I dont like it.... :( What happened to our men? How can so much hurt be caused after so much love? Was it us? Was it them? Why did we bother? Why did God let it happen? Why does it still hurt so much?

I want to make you feel better and tell you that time is a healer; it is but I know that hearing that wont help.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

This one thing I can tell you; you did NOT love too much. We just have to learn how to deal with the pain that ensues at the aftermath of a break up. People break up...some get back together and some dont. God sees us all, sees our pain and knows just how to heal it and He WILL.

In the interim; please come closer to those who love you and who are not afraid to show it..your friends, your family and of course your fellow Christ Couture Girls... :)

You're not alone and I want you all to know I love you; I know you're hurting and I'm me, email me, text me, pray and God will send me :) .........................

I'm writing an article called Kingdom Men...thanks for all your inspirations..I dedicate it to you.

May your day be blessed and may the favour of GOD be on your forehead and no other mark..

Love and Blessings always,

CC Girl xx :)

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  • 2 responses to “Almost There… :)”

    1. Assumpta says:

      That definately was me at one stage but thankfully the good Lord helped me to get through and eventually sent me an angel of my very own and a love I initially thought myself unworthy of.

      To all those feeling hurt as a result of a failed relationship, please heed the insighful words written by our dearest Tola. Although it is a lot easier said than done…it CAN and WILL be done.

      Take care. And thank you Tola for posting that. xXx

    2. Alex Ndubai says:

      I know it hurts, i’m a guy and i have hurt a few girls. However, i believe that its time for women to be a bit more realistic about life and love. From my experience and what i’ve seen, a lot of girls have got into relationships never having known (be it out of ignorance or pure romanticism)what it means to be in a relationship. I’ve read the bible over and over and one thing that i’ve taken from it is that we should never trust our emotions. We should trust our that, just look at David and his misdeeds, purely a victim of his emotions and ofcourse plenty more from the BigBook. I admit that we as men have failed you and should fix up..unfortunately only in the ideal world is that ever going to happen. There are the lucky few women who do end up with a sensible guy or a guy trying to make good and his efforts make up for the hurt. Then we have the girls who plain end up with a guy who you know is going to hurt you regardless of how much ‘love’ you feel. Now in the world of relationships, there is such a thing (highly uncommon these days) known as compromise. Girls. its ok to make room for mistakes however you got to learn to let go, learn when something’s not good for you and learn to recognise what is good for you..and it all boils down to what you want and what you need..there’s an extensive rift between those two extremes! Yes, WANT and NEED are two ends of one spectrum. As we serve a God of order, patience, long suffering, compassion..i assume that he expects us to develop those same characteristics within ourselves.. i couls go on and on about the many mistakes you girls make when it comes to this, and that goes to the guys..but i say that we’re all to blame.. if you want to stop hurting, think about your disposition towards you see manz(thats wat they say these days) and think he’s buff and then we’re off? or do you see a man, consider his approach towards you, are his eyes respecting you or are they undressin you? is his mind on the ladies and paper or on his life and focus? Are his goals similar to yours or is he just some wannabe? Here’s a tip for or you girls who dont know how to recognise a good man…this is the kind of guy i wouldn’t be mad at if he was dating my sister
      -the looks at least he should be able to take care of himself
      -he shold be hard working whether in school/work or whatever.
      -he dont have to be rich coz if he works hard then he IS going to get somewhere in life (most importantly with or without you)
      -when he speaks you want to listen because he’s building you not breaking you.
      -a thinker, not a fool(easy to tell the difference)
      -this really should be 1 on my list..HUMILITY..this is not weakness, this is pure times the light of sun..true power in patience..a man without this cannot handle your ramblings and all that baggage you bring into his life.
      -accepting..he will take you how you are and not judge you..his intention is to build you..
      the list goes on but i think you get the idea..
      women stop being victims of your emotions…THINK about that man that stirs you carefully and decide whether he’s worth it..those same characteristics apply to you all by the way… got to get back to work now…toodles..Alex

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