All I want for Christmas…


As a journalist and blogger I am fortunate enough to be invited to press events which means I am introduced to yet more stuff to spend my money on - in the event that I had trouble spending it in the first place - and which opens up my tiny world of high street plus online shopping (otherwise known as "Spend-as-you-earn") to the possiblities of owning luxurious products it would never have occurred to me to buy.

I love getting presents but an incident at the age of about 13 in which I was so angry that my dad had bought me an unwanted Walkman for my birthday that I threw it on the floor and had a tantrum in disgust has shown me that I should probably make it quite clear what I want so that this unsightly incident will never repeat itself.

(The only exception to this rule is my lovely husband who always seems to know exactly what I want and need and promptly gets it!)

So it's Christmas now and everybody is in good cheer and happy and spending money that they don't have so hey, if you're feeling generous, here is my "Top FIVE' list - feel free to contact me for my address for present mailing purposes! ;)


Up until recently, my favourite drink at Christmas has been Baileys (although to be honest I don't mind having it any other time of the year) but at a press event entitled "French Martinis and French Manicure" I was soon cured of this rather long-lasting love affair and moved onto something more sexy and sophisticated - Chambord.

This gorgeous black
raspberry liqueur can be mixed in a variety of ways to make a yummy Christmas cocktail so I'd be more than happy to receive a bottle or two!

My fellow blogger and JBFF at the press event - many thanks to Lucie Kaye from Eulogy PR!


At almost 30 I thoughtI'd left my skin problems in my teens - wrong. I still break out in spots during that "time of the month" and upon consumption of excess amounts of cheese, crisps and chocolate. I know I know, eat like
a teenager,
look like a teenager -
you don't have to tell me!

So I've been watching what I eat and also trying to use products to cover up the evidence of what I'm eating. I have sensitive skin and to be honest I hadn't heard much about Proactiv before I was handed it in a goodie bag at a press event but given that one of my favourite girls - Katy Perry - has been involved in their advertising, I decided to give it a go.

Proactiv solution is a range of skincare products designed to help clear blemishes and help prevent future breakouts from forming. Their ranges included moisturisers, masks, cleansers and toners and after this Christmas I will probably need it!

(Thanks to Aaron Huckett from Publicasity for introducing me to this product!)

Trouser suit

I've never really been your typical suit and shirt girl when it comes to work attire and walking to work in Westminster in my various "looks" as my husband calls my outfits, makes this very obvious. I am surrounded by Suits and their important looking brief cases while my functional leather messenger bag swings from side to side and my 'Keep Calm Be Reem' tote slides off my shoulders.

However, recently I've had a promotion at work and I've decided I need to be taken seriously (any excuse for a new wardrobe) so when I received a press release showcasing trouser suits by Andrew Majtenyi from Hannah Moore at Communication IQ ( I decided this is going to be my new "look".

Hair off face - check (let's face it, with my grade 1 I don't have to worry much about this), red lipstick - check (thanks BlackUp makeup!), cinched in waist - check (small waist large bust, no contest here), long legs - check (thanks Daddy), feet that can walk in heels - check! (I got it from my Mama!).

Please contact me first before buying this as I wouldn't want you to get me the wrong size!


Ok I already have a perfectly good (pink, Sony Vaio incase you're wondering) laptop but the allure of a shiny new tablet hasn't left me since I first clapped eyes on them. There are of course, lots of tablets on the market including the Blackberry Playbook and rather fashion-worthy Pierre Cardin desginer tablet and I'd be happy with any of them but the iPad, for some reason holds a special appeal.

Oh and my love for underwear means this Victoria Secret cover I found in New York is a winner too! (Touch me - get it? Because its a touch screen??? oh never mind!)

Stella McCartney thigh high boots

As soon as I clapped eyes on these beauties I wanted them! Unfortunately it's not just the hefty price tag that meant they would almost certainly never materialise in my wardrobe. As much as I have loved thigh high boots I have never been able to buy them as I have huge feet (Size UK8) and slim thighs so they usually collapse somewhere near my thighs with nothing to hold them up. (Can I just point out that while having slim legs has its advantages, when it interrupts the purchase of shoes its not a good thing.)

So anyway these boots are so old they're no longer in production but if you can get hold of them (eBay is always a winner for these things but I haven't seen them on there - yet), please do.

Alternatively, details for a company which sells thigh high boots for women with slim thighs would be much appreciated!

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list and should you require the full version I would be more than happy to share it with you!

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