A tutu a day keeps old age away…


I tend not to think too much about how old I am. I made a big deal about my birthday this year so it's not like I don't know; I just don't see it as terribly important. (I still get ID'd in my local Sainsburys for Disaronno so presumably the years of maturity don't show on my face.)

Earlier in the year I decided to hang up my pink tutu from H&M kids and start dressing my age. I'm actually quite impressed at how long I lasted! But there is something wonderfully girly about tutus and I have never been able to shake off my love for them despite having stepped foot in a total of ONE ballet class as a child.

So when I saw a beautiful array of brightly coloured tutus at the Ideal Home Show Christmas recently, I just couldn't resist. I honestly can't describe the childish joy I felt prancing around as I tried them all on while my slightly bemused (and very grown up) friend KT held my bag and coat.
I read a book once which used the image of a little girl skipping to describe the feeling of "hope" and being a glass half-full kind of person, that's a characteristic I have in abundance although sometimes I wish I could better deal with the fallout when I get hurt. Now, when I put on my new tutu I feel just like a little girl. I feel hopeful and with every swish and twirl, I feel joy.

I bought my tutu from a company called Angel's Face and they are currently offering 10% off all online orders using the code "SOC10". The label in my tutu reads "Age 10-12". I say whatever! You're only as old as you think you are and if the tutu fits...wear it.


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