5 things I’ve learned about…..Dating Christian men


(For the record I wrote this post a long time ago I just forgot to blog it!)


2. If you find yourself constantly praying together after you've finished playing hide and seek with one anothers bodies, you may want to
take a break to
re-examine your behaviour.

3. Avoid all relationships where the CM wants to keep
it 'just between the two of you'. In all relationships that you hope may become serious its good to be accountable to someone. You may not want to make a big song and dance about it but why would a man who claims to love and care about you not want anyone else to know? Suspect!

4. Never cut off your friendships with other men. He does not own you. Tell him like Beyonce, "put a ring on it!" and then
he can have a say in your extra-curricular activities.

5. MAKE SURE - you have your own relationship with God. Be prepared for men to claim to have heard various things from God about the two of you. If you're not sure, pray about it YOURSELF and ask God to show you the truth. Neither Mary or Joseph were kept in the dark about Jesus' arrival. If he announces something he has 'heard' involving
you both
- let it be confirmed for you too.

*CM = Christian man

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  • 5 responses to “5 things I’ve learned about…..Dating Christian men”

    1. Hey there thanks for your post!
      This is supposed to be quite tongue-in-cheek but have you read Joshua Harris' 'I kissed dating goodbye'? Alot of male Chistians tell me Christians shouldnt 'date'. So if you're 'dating' a Christian man, I'm told that's an oxymoron…or something. Hence the capitals 😉

    2. Anonymous says:

      Why is number 1 'don't do it'??
      Why would you not want to find a man with the same faith as you?

    3. Thanks! BTW Laura just saw your recipe for white sauce – awesome! Need to ask you something but will post it on your blog. 🙂

    4. Laura x says:

      This made me laugh, great post! True words.

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