30 things I’ve learned, now that I am 30


Life goes on. No matter how much I scream, "Stop, world I want to get off!", the earth doesn't stop spinning just because life hasn't turned out the way I planned.
As Aaliyah said, "Dust yourself off and try again."

Dresses are pretty cool. So easy to throw on for work and ever since I jumped on the converse-on-feet-and-heels-in the-bag bandwagon, life has gotten a whole lot easier.

#DVF meets #Zara

I LOVE flowers. This probably comes as a surprise to no one apart from me. So adamant was I that flowers were a waste of time ("after all they just die") that I made myself a bouquet out of brooches for my wedding and insisted to my then husband that if he ever felt the need to buy me flowers, he should buy me shoes instead (which to his credit, he did). Fast forward four years and I regularly buy fresh bouquets to brighten up the kitchen and insisted on 100 white roses to adorn my birthday room at my 30th.

I can be demanding. Ok, I am demanding. And I'm ok with that. I'm ok with that because I also give alot. And I'm worth it... ;)

My tattoo artist is always right. If she refuses to do my neck tattoo, then that probably means I shouldn't get it done.

I love life. I am that annoying friend who is always trying to get people together for dinner parties, evenings out, picnics..anything social really and while it can be frustrating trying to organise things, I still love it.
I love being surrounded by my friends and family and I love to share my own joy and share in the joy of others. And while I live, I'm never going to stop doing that. #LifeIsForTheLiving

Pizza is awesome. Let's just be clear on something; this is not a fresh realisation, more of a reiteration. There is no better food on this earth, than pizza. #Fact

I still don't share my food. I may be a proper adult now but if you wanted what I'm having then you should have ordered it babe. And don't you dare ask the waiter/waitress for an extra spoon when you get food envy and realise you did want dessert after all. #Tough

It's always wine o'clock. Funny how things change. I grew up in a teetotal household but look at me now! #NotSureAWooHooIsAppropriateHereButCheersToAFullWineGlass/Bottle

Yes this is actually a genuine picture from my kitchen.

My love affair with hashtags is alive and kicking. #What'sNotToLove ? (Except that the journalist in me won't allow me to eliminate punctuation which my beloved hashtags struggle to understand.)

Cake party bags at my 30th which had it's own hashtag - #FrontRowAnd30

Shoes still rock my world. The best thing to set off my super long legs has always been a gorgeous pair of shoes and since the arrival of my birthday Valentino's my shoe collection has had a beautiful upgrade.

Please note: These are not aforementioned Valentino's - they willl be saved for another post. These are from #Zara.

Lingerie rocks my world even more. I've never been a prude but I realise some people might think it's inappropriate for me to discuss this on here (get your own blog!) so I won't go into detail. But I'm pretty sure Agent Provocateur should be offering me shares right now.

There is nothing wrong with a good old wig. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my hair so a high maintence 'do is my idea of hell. However, I do like to mix things up a little so now
that I'm trying to grow my natural hair and let it breathe without crazily coloured heavy extensions pulling on it, wigs are my best option. And I love them!! My make up is usually minimal anyway so a quick wig change is all that's needed to complete any outfit and if it doesn't work for the office the next day I can just whip it off! #Winning

A rose is still a rose.

Listen dear.
I realise that you’ve been hurt. Deeply.

Because I’ve been there.

But regardless to who, what, why, when and where,

We all precious in His sight.

And a rose, is still and always will be, a rose.

Cause a rose is still a rose
Baby, girl, you're still a flower
He can't lead you and then take you
Make you and then break you

Darlin', you hold the power

A rose is still a rose by Aretha Franklin

Still a rose.
The best music belongs to the 90s. Think about this for a second. When we think 'old school' we mean Aaliyah, R Kelly, 3T, TLC, Ginuwine, Maxwell, Eric Gable... imagine if, in a few years time, you tune into a radio station claiming to play 'old school classics' and you get blasted with One Direction and Miley Cyrus.
Cool has always meant underground. Once you start doing mass music production Cowell-style you turn music into a mess. #Fail

A bit of 90s pop never hurt anyone either...

Television is the enemy of progress. How edifying can it be watching back to back episodes of Made in Chelsea followed by repeats of Geordie Shore? (Ok, potentially amusing but just remember you won't get those hours back!)

Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death. Pretty self-explanatory I feel.

Jesus Loves Me. Despite being a Christian I
used to think this was a pretty redundant statement up until this year. A bit selfish if all you focus on is Jesus loving you as opposed to how much you love (or should love) Him. And what about the rest of the world? Aren't Christians supposed to be telling everyone how much Jesus loves them too? Anyway. My wake-up call came when I realised we are more able to love when we know that we ourselves are loved.

The gift of goodbye. A close friend of mine told me not too long ago that there are some people who will only be in your life for a season and saying goodbye to those friendships doesn't necessarily mean something went wrong; it just means each has run its course. And it doesn't matter how long you've known them or how much you've shared...sometimes you just need to #LetGo.

It's never OK to be rude. Even if the waitress was being a self-important cow, the pompous businessman crashed into you on the tube or the the tourist ruined your self-designated catwalk on the way to work. The Pastor of my old church said once that God uses difficult people and situations to teach us grace. I'm still working on that. #LifeLessons #Humility #I'llGetThere

Honesty is (usually) the best policy. I've wasted so much time pretending to like gifts, food and people. #I'mOverIt

Pink isn't the only colour in the rainbow. In fact I'm pretty sure it's not in the rainbow and even though this remains hands down my favourite colour, I've also learned to embrace other (slightly less fabulous) colours. Like orange, yellow, green, white and black. #SuchAGrownUp

My name is Tola and I'm a shopaholic. Not sure what else to say really. Admitting it is the first step to recovery right?

Good quality headphones are worth it. Now that I'm flat sharing, the majority of the time I spend listening to music is via headphones so it's important my ears don't get abused by poorly made sound transmitters.

Life isn't fair. No one said it would be but regardless, I can always #ChooseHappiness

The importance of a good massage. Long/stressful/early/late commute to/from work? Hard/stressful/difficult job? Get thee to a masseuse my child! (A reputable one obvs)

London is the greatest city in the world. And now that I live in zone 2 I can testify to that even more.Yes I love you Paris and New York but where are your appalling service staff and your pathetic excuses for tube delays?

PVSTAR+ is my new digital BFF. For all those times when you get lost in YouTube on your phone...and then your screen locks and bye bye YouPlayer. This awesome app calls itself the YouTube Music Player which never stops playing and you can create and manage your playlists as easily as with your own music library. Available on all Android devices from Google Play Store #NoThey'reNotPayingMe. Sorry posh Apple users - go get your own apps. #TeamAndroid

Exercise is for Everyone (capitals just because I'm partial to a bit of alliteration). Unfortunately, just because I don't put on what I eat, that doesn't mean I am in any way fit. And if I want to look and feel healthy, gorging on pizza one day and then abstaining from food the next "to make up for it" just won't cut it. #I'mLearning

I am loved. I had an incredibly emotional time during my 30th birthday when a few of my friends (and my boss!) came up on stage to talk about me and their individual relationships with me. And I had a very strange moment where I just realised, I have lost so much; so much. And yet there I was surrounded by so many people who love and appreciate me. And I cried. I cried, not painful tears but tears of recognition and of genuine relief. #ThankYou

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      my haven't we grown! Keep going, there is so much ahead. loving u as always, Butterflyyxx

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